Hi Rich,

Firstly thanks!

2010/1/26 Rich Sands <r...@rsandsconsulting.com>:
> Postcard - front side
> http://rsandsconsulting.com/resources/Perl-FOSDEM-Postcard-side1.png

A few small comments, and I don't know the FOSDEM audience so this
might be wrong...

'Some Other Cool Projects' doesn't sound 'corporate' but more 'geeky'
- maybe titling it 'Modern Perl 5 projects' or even just 'Modern Perl'
(as you have 'explore' already which I really like).

Personally I would also lead with those (production ready projects)
and then have the 'Platform projects' after. Finally, I've always been
taught having upper case letters on anything other than the lead word
is a no-no.

I know your time constraints and none of this is very important so do
ignore if you don't agree / have time.

Again, thanks for doing it in the first place.


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