Leo and I had a few mails off-list, and some assumptions came about that I didn't make clear enough...

Leo Lapworth said:
On 31 January 2010 20:48, Salve J Nilsen <s...@pvv.org> wrote:
Here's the card front I just made:


(Note the purposeful use of low-res graphics, the Comic Sans font, and pointless italics. :)

Nice idea, is there anyway to make it more positive?


Leading with a negative, is... well negative, even if it's funny when (/if?) you look at the other side?

The cards are made for *giving* to people (not just keep lying around for people to pick up by themselves.) When giving the card, you're in fact introducing yourself as a member of the Perl community (hence the size/format of the card and the big logo) at the same time as you give them a self-deprecating (put-down type) joke.

When giving any card to someone in person it's almost automatic for people to read the text on the card, especially if they can see at first glance that there's something vaguely relevant for them there (that's why I made the front side with "Perl" and the onion logo as big as sensibly possible.) At second glance - should they find the logo/text relevant to them - they see the bottom text, and are rewarded with something amusing.

The point is to _give_ people something amusing/memorable that they want to _keep_. Something they can bring home and tell their friends about: "Look what the crazy Perl people were giving out at the conference! I brought a few extra."

Yes, you could put any joke on the card, positive or otherwise, but in the end it doesn't matter much. I chose the self-deprecating one becaue 1) it's true - but we do something about it, and 2) it's false - since we're standing in front of him giving obvious (but funny) marketing material.

It's this paradox I'm aiming for here, and which makes the whole thing more surreal/funny. What kind of marketing people introduce themselves as sucking at marketing?

(At this point, imagine what we have in common with the FOSDEM crowd... Are we the only ones that suck at marketing there? No. But we make something amusing out of it.)

"We're not doing marketing, we're just raising awareness!"

Yes. We are. And we're cheating at it by making something funny. :)

- Salve

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