Hi Salve,

On 31 January 2010 20:48, Salve J Nilsen <s...@pvv.org> wrote:
> Here's the card front I just made:
>  http://www.pvv.org/~sjn/FOSDEM-Perl-promo-card-front-1.0.png
> (Note the purposeful use of low-res graphics, the Comic Sans font, and
> pointless italics. :)

Nice idea, is there anyway to make it more positive?

Perl - we spend more time on code than marketing...(pto) this is what
we're proud of..
(that's not exactly wonderful copy either! the  ... (pto) is important
as it tells you to turn over to get the punch line)

Leading with a negative, is... well negative, even if it's funny when
(/if?) you look at the other side?

My 2 pence worth.



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