Hi Gabor,

I had a quick look at it.

The next upcoming event would be in Austria. Considering the proximity
of CEBIT and Vienna I guess that it could get transferred quite easily
to the next event.
The following hop from Vienna to the Nordic Perl Workshop should be
possible too with our travelling perl community.
The jumps afterwards are a bit further but nothing that could be
solved through UPS I guess.
Also if we could make this happen, it could make a great cover story
of how flexible, alive and cooperative the perl community actually is
without spending a fortune on UPS. Just get some pictures everywhere
taken of where the banners and so have travelled and we've got a great
photo-story to tell.

A quick summary I looked up from the google perl events calendar.
- Perl QA Hackathon Vienna, Austria April 10-12
- Nordic Perl Workshop (Iceland) May 1-2
- Portuguese Perl Workshop June 4-5
- Perl Mova + YAPC::Russia June 12-13
- Belgian Perl Workshop Brussels June 26
- YAPC::EU Pisa, Italy August 4-6


2010/2/14 Gabor Szabo <szab...@gmail.com>:
> I am still trying to catch my breath and the backlog of stuff to be done but
> finally I made it to this post.
> Dirk, thanks for your time related to FOSDEM and detailed report!
> See my comments:
> On Tue, Feb 9, 2010 at 1:18 AM, DirkDn <ddn123...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi Rich,
>> I'll add a section about perl promo
>> stands to the perl event documentation we put together at
>> "http://github.com/lordarthas/perl-events/tree/master";. This is a kind
>> of massive braindump stating all things required for a perl event. The
>> concerned mailing list is "perl-eve...@lists.perl.it".
> Oh I did not know about that one. I was trying to update/maintain the
> wiki page http://www.perlfoundation.org/perl5/index.cgi?events
> with similar information but IMHO we should unite them somehow.
>> --> I was thinking of introducing a european "pool" of event material
>> to be passsed along among workshops and yapc's.
>> Also once the current banners have served at CEBIT, could they be
>> passed on the nearby perl mongers so it could find its way to the next
>> perl workshop?
> I took the banners with me so we will be able to use them on CeBit but
> I'd be more than happy to leave them in Germany and let people pass them
> around. We just need to decide who will take them.
> We just need to make sure they will be used a lot on the various events.
> BTW I think we should have a "Perl events stand" on YAPC::EU where we can
> explain what is this events group about. (or the Perl "marketing" in general).
> BTW I wrote a short blog post about it with some of the pictures of Erik
> included:
> http://szabgab.com/blog/2010/02/1266052953.html
> Gabor

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