On Tue, Feb 16, 2010 at 05:49:55PM +0100, DirkDn wrote:
> The next upcoming event would be in Austria. Considering the proximity
> of CEBIT and Vienna I guess that it could get transferred quite easily
> to the next event.

The QA Hackathon in Vienna will be rather small and not-very-public 
event (it's open to the public, but as the focus is internal 
QA/toolchain hacking, I doubt that any non-Perl people will show up 

So I doubt that we need any promotional material.

(But it might also be that I have no idea what you're talking about, so 
please correct me in case I'm off the track...)

> The following hop from Vienna to the Nordic Perl Workshop should be
> possible too with our travelling perl community.

If whatever stuff ends up in Vienna we might get it to NPW via Berlin 
(even though I cannot take it, as I'm cycling from Vienna to Berlin..)

> Also if we could make this happen, it could make a great cover story
> of how flexible, alive and cooperative the perl community actually is
> without spending a fortune on UPS. Just get some pictures everywhere
> taken of where the banners and so have travelled and we've got a great
> photo-story to tell.

That of course sounds like a cool idea.
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