I agree. I will take the lead on organizing for the upcoming state-side Perl 
and Non Perl events. I can set up a page within the wiki for each conference 
and put out requests for willing community members that are attending to help 
out. We should use FOSDEM as an example going forward. 


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> Hi Gabor,
> I had a quick look at it.

> A quick summary I looked up from the google perl events calendar.
> - Perl QA Hackathon Vienna, Austria April 10-12
> - Nordic Perl Workshop (Iceland) May 1-2
> - Portuguese Perl Workshop June 4-5
> - Perl Mova + YAPC::Russia June 12-13
> - Belgian Perl Workshop Brussels June 26
> - YAPC::EU Pisa, Italy August 4-6

While it would be nice to have our stand on the Perl events as well where
we could explain to people how they could promote perl our focus has to be
on the non-perl events.

On http://www.perlfoundation.org/perl5/index.cgi?events there is a mix of them
- I added the Perl events as well - but so far I have not seen anyone
starting to
organize Perl presence on other events. If  we want to make an impact we have to
be present on at least on event every month!

We should also learn from the Debian and PostgreSQL People on how well organized
they are. e.g. See this page:

We need to get the community to wake up and start being present on
non-perl events!


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