On čtvrtek 3. března 2016 19:47 Bruno Friedmann wrote:
> But on two machines : having an adaptec raid controleur 6805 I'm
> getting a kernel backtrace (sorry no time until today to report it
> correctly)
> Which is curious, I was using during a certain time a kernel 4x series
> on them.... Not a big deal for myself, but can be really tricky to
> recover from ...

Do you remember what was the last working version? The aacraid has been 
backported for SLE12-SP1 so that the version in the evergreen 13.1 
kernel differs from current mainline only in 2 or 3 commits which do not 
seem very important.

> We were able to capture some informations,
> https://dav.ioda.net/index.php/s/4wyMDlKot3Z1F8w

I'm not really an expert in this area but it looks like an IRQ is 
received and handled before all the device data structures are set up 
properly (a pointer which is still null is dereferenced).

> It is not easy to play with those servers, I've only a small free
> timeframe ... It seems our controler are missing a firmware update
> which will be make next tuesday night.

Let's see if firmware update changes anything.

Michal Kubecek

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