Ruediger Meier wrote:

> On Sunday 10 April 2016, Per Jessen wrote:
>> jdd wrote:
>> > Le 10/04/2016 14:39, reinhard hennig a écrit :
>> >> Dear Members,
>> >>
>> >> will it be possible to provide an evergreen project for OpenSuSE
>> >> 13.2? We are just about to switch to it (from OS 12.2) and would
>> >> like to benefit from expanded LTS. We are using Linux on 12.000
>> >> PC´s.
>> >>
>> >> B.R.
>> >
>> > if you don't have major reason to use 13.2, prefere 13.1 (present
>> > evergreen) or Leap 42.1 (extended support probable, upgrade easy)
>> For a production environment, I would definitely not recommend
>> Leap421.
> Do you have some kind of check list what are the most annoying issues
> in 42.1 for you?

Hi Rudi

- lack of dolphin thumbnails, tooltips (pdf, libreoffice)
- plasmashell crashes frequently
- screen locker crashes (apparently won't be fixed until 422)
- alt-tab windows switching is slow/unresponsive.

For a server, I might consider going with Leap421, but the steady stream
of updates makes me a little uneasy.  Of course, it's also a good
thing, it just seems to be a little too much. 

>> I would also like to see 13.2 supported long-term, it's a very solid
>> release.
> What about fixing 42.1 via online update. Shouldn't the most annoying
> things already fixed?

I run a test desktop machine, it's being updated weekly, I think.  I try
to do as much work as possible, to find more bugs, but I only manage
maybe an hour per day. 

It's really just my gut feeling, but for my office environment, I'm
sticking to 13.2 for a while yet. 

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