as you may have noticed, we have another Barnum bug with fancy name,
fancy logo and 2nd level domain, this time called "Badlock". It also
comes with few more security fixes.

A preliminary update package for Evergreen 11.4 can be found at


It's completely untested as I didn't have time for it yet and I dont't
actually have a 11.4 system running Samba. Anyone willing to give it a
try is therefore welcome.

As for 13.1, we have version 4.1.22. Upstream has abandoned the 4.1
series and does not provide fixes for it. Doing a backport myself would
be extremely time consuming and I wouldn't be able to trust the result
anyway. AFAIK both openSUSE 13.2 and SLE12 GA which have been providing
Samba 4.1 until now are going to upgrade to version 4.2.4 which is what
SLE12 SP1 and Leap 42.1 have. So I guess doing the same is the only
feasible option. I haven't checked the four update packages if there any
differences (13.2 and 42.1 haven't been even submitted yet), I'm going
to do it tomorrow and then I'll decide which one to use for Evergreen
13.1 update.

                                                          Michal Kubeček

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