Quantum time travel is very similar to Quantum suicide.

Here is the recipe:

Build a conditional suicide machine that instantly kills the user unless a 
particular set of conditions in the environment is satisfied. With 
"conventional" quantum suicide these conditions could be a winning lottery 
ticket for example. With time travel suicide, these conditions would be that 
prespecified factors in the environment should match the past to which we 
would like to travel to. How do we prespecify these factors? By entering them 
into the machine computer data base, either from memory or from an existing 
record (movie, audio.....). The more accurate the database in depicting the 
past, the closer you'll get to the desired world. Of course your 
recording/memory is subject to Heisenberg uncertainty limit and therefore, 
the past you'll get to will be slightly different from the one you come 
from...but since the past you come from is also subject to Heisenberg 
limit... it doesn't matter.

Just as the Quantum suicide machine, the Quantum time travel machine would 
have to be supremely reliable. It's failure rate would have to be orders of 
magnitude less then the likelihood that the part of the universe that has 
been recorded in the machine database matches the recorded data. But of 
course this is just a problem for the engineers to worry about. :-)  And if 
you not really careful, you may end up in a future Hollywood movie, 21st 
Century-Park, reenacting our time period and directed by a successor to 
Steven Speilberg.

George Levy

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