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>  > Since I do not buy the concept of objective reality, I do not 
>  > believe that measure decreases as seen by the first person, and 
> I 
>  > believe that measure is renormalized at every point as seen by the 
> observer. 
>  > This is where Jacques and I differ. He believes in an objective and 
> absolute 
>  > reality and I believe in a relative and subjective one.
>   Then you are no better than a Copenhagenist.  It's precisely the
>  fact that non-belief in objective reality is a form of insanity that
>  spawned the MWI in the first place.

The Copenhagen school lost faith in the power of reason and they did not 
believe  100% in QM. They failed to explore the full implications of QM 
(without the wave collapse phenomemon). 

Einstein who opposed the Copenhagen School, died in 1955 in Princeton. That 
same year, a young graduate student, Hugh Everett III, joined Princeton 
University and two years later, under the guidance of John Archibald Wheeler, 
he published his doctoral dissertation which he called a "Relative State 
Formulation of quantum mechanics" in the Reviews of Modern Physics, Volumer 
29, No. 3, pages 454-462, July 1957. This paper clearly positions him as a 

Einstein claimed that no observer in an inertial frame is privileged; Everett 
asserted that no observer state in superposition is privileged. Everett had 
the courage and vision to continue the quest that Einstein started. He is the 
true inheritor of Einstein's mantle.

Jacques, to call me "no better than a Copenhagenist" shows me your true 
measure and your unfortunate lack of comprehension in this matter. I am a 

George Levy

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