Marchal wrote

> With (classical) comp it exists a level such that we survive a
Washington-Moscou self-duplication where  > the reconstitution are made
at that level (WM).

 and later he wrote:

> You are scanned read and annihilate at Amsterdam. I reconstitute you
> in Washington tomorrow, and at
> Moscow in one billion years. Are your expectations different from the
> situation where the two reconstitutions are simultaneous.

Bruno I fully agree with you in so far the delay is concerned but why do
you restrict your reconstitution to the same level? What if you are
reconstituted in a virtual level for example? Shouldn't the distribution
be invariant for *all levels* and all methods of implementation? If this
is true, time is not an objective real entity, but  is reduced to a
logical linkage between awareness states, with logic, in a recursive
fashion, being an emergent property of awareness. Time becomes a first
person phenomenon.


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