James Higgo wrote:

> ...
>All that exists of 'you' is this very current thought. Whle
>'the measure of some objective George Levy' is meaningless, 'the measure of
>this thought' is a vaild concept; I'm not sure what you can do to increase
>or decrease that. An interesting area is the categorisation of, then
>distribution of classes of, thoughts.

I agree completely.
With the hypothesis that we are emulable by digital machine (COMP)
it is possible to say more, though. Indeed,
you can attach 'this thought' to (an equivalence class) of relative 
computationnal states (see http://iridia.ulb.ac.be/~marchal).
Survival to Quantum Suicide is then a particular case of survival
COMP suicide (and as I explain before physics became a branch of
psychology/computer science).


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