Yes - this is known as the Quantum Theory of Immortality. Do a Google
search on the topic, and/or everything list archive search on that or
"QTI" for numerous discussions of this idea...


David Kwinter wrote:
> Another quickie:
> Assume I survive a car/plane crash which we assume could have many 
> different quantum outcomes including me (dead || alive)
> Since I was the same person (entire life history) up until the 
> crash/quantum 'branch' - then can't I assume that since there was at 
> least one outcome where I survived, that TO ME I will always survive 
> other such life/death branches?
> Furthermore if I witness a crash where someone dies can I assume that 
> the victim will survive in their own "world" so far as at least one 
> quantum branch of survivability seems possible?
> David Kwinter

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