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Assume I survive a car/plane crash which we assume could have many different quantum outcomes including me (dead || alive)

Since I was the same person (entire life history) up until the crash/quantum 'branch' - then can't I assume that since there was at least one outcome where I survived, that TO ME I will always survive other such life/death branches?

Furthermore if I witness a crash where someone dies can I assume that the victim will survive in their own "world" so far as at least one quantum branch of survivability seems possible?

Yes, this is Quantum Immortality in a nutshell. If the MWI is correct, it is impossible to die from a subjective point of view.


Survive as what, though? And in what condition? I know from personal experience that one does not always experience oneself in that world-branch in which one is in tip-top shape.

Reminds me of the ancient Greek myth of the goddess whose mortal lover was granted immortality at her request by Zeus, but not eternal youth, because it didn't occur to the goddess to ask Zeus to grant her lover that too. So the lover never died, but grew ever older, more wrinkled & bent, till he became a grasshopper.

This is the story of Tithonos and Eos. A similar thing happened to Sibyl, too.

Perhaps QI imposes some kind of limit on how physically decrepit one can actually get. Another possibility is that QI does not say that it is impossible to lose consciousness, it says that it is impossible to lose it forever. So perhaps really all it does is guarantee some kind of afterlife (in the most physically likely set of circumstances where that can occur).



When God plays dice with the Universe, He throws every number at once...


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