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Sorry, I can't let go of this one. I'm trying to understand it

Here's another thought experiment which is roughly equivalent to our
original scenario.

You are sitting in a room, with a not very nice man.

He gives you two options.

1) He'll toss a coin. Heads he tortures you, tails he doesn't.

2) He's going to start torturing you a minute from now. In the meantime, he shows you a button. If you press it, you will get scanned, and a copy of you will be created in a distant town. You've got a minute to press that button
as often as you can, and then you are getting tortured.

What are you going to choose (Stathis and Bruno)? Are you *really* going to choose (2), and start pressing that button frantically? Do you really think
it will make any difference?

I will choose 2, and most probably start pressing the button frantically. Let us imagine that I press on the button 64 times. The one who will be tortured is rather unlucky, he has 1/2^64 chance to "stay" in front of you. He will probably even infer the falsity of comp, but then you will kill him! The 63 other "brunos" will infer comp is true, and send 63 more arguments for it to the list, including the argument based on having survive your experiment!

OK with the number?



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