On Sun, Jul 31, 2005 at 02:00:30PM -0700, John M wrote:
> I salute Lee's new subject designation.
> I believe if we are up to identifying concepts with
> common sense content as well, we should not restrict
> ourselves into the model-distinctions of (any) physics
> but generalize the meanings beyond such restrictions. 
> Of course: I am no physicist. My apologies.
> To Russel's 4 coordinates of (any?) event: how come
> the occurrence (event!) of a 'good idea' in my mind -
> (mind: not a thing, not a place, not time-restricted)
> should have t,x,y,z coordinates?
> Naively yours
> John Mikes

I would say that the event occurs in your brain (the neural correlate
of whatever is going on in your mind).  Whatever is going on in your
mind is something else - an "observation" perhaps.

I'm only pointing to my understanding of these terms - I'm willing to
change terminology if its useful to do so.

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