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This theory, as far as I have researched it, has problem with Eotvos experiements that consider particles that are sensitive to the weak force, such as radioactive elements. Not all particles interact with neutrinos, e.g. are sensituve to the weak force, and thus there should be a detectable difference in gravity between particles depending on this. This theory simply goes nowhere.



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Thanks for the response.

Your reference quotes Professor Feynman in part as follows:

"So that is the end of that theory. 'Well,' you say, 'it was a good one,
and I got rid of the mathematics for a while. Maybe I could invent a
better one.' Maybe you can, because nobody knows the ultimate. But up to
today, from the time of Newton, no one has invented another theoretical
description of the mathematical machinery behind this law which does not
either say the same thing over again, or make the mathematics harder, or
predict some wrong phenomena. So there is no model of the theory of
gravity today, other than the mathematical form."

I say I have done what Professor Feynman said at that time had not been
done, namely "invent a theoretical description of the mathematical of
Newton's law of gravity".

The example that Feynman rebuts is just the opposite of mine.  There the
sun blocks particles flying through the universe.  In my theory the sun
is the source of the particles.  We know that there are truly
150,000,000 neutrinos from the sun passing through every square
centimeter of the earth's surface every second.  We also know that
neutrino flux decrease by the inverse square of distance.  I have shown
how Coulomb forces from these neutrinos apply a force on the charges in
the earth pushing earth toward the source of the neutrinos!

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