"Bruno Marchal" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote on February 17, 2006

> Do you have the little book by Smullyan "Forever Undecided"?  It is
> a very cute introduction to the logic G. Once you understand what 
> is G, > you can understand all the other arithmetical hypostases 
> (effective and > non effective person points of view, Theaetetical 
> variants, see below).

 I certainly have a copy, nice book, recommended.

> I am still a long way to complete the derivation of the comp-(or
> weaker) physics, so as to test it from empiry, but a genuine step
> has been done last week

Maybe some time soon you should try to write a theology book
WITHOUT DOGMA but that people can easily understand,
read and criticise. Nobody seems to have succeeded to do so
in modern times. But take into account non Christian beliefs and
zero beliefs as well as Christian. Even if it is incomplete and 
unacceptable to many it could concretise some of your views. 
Thus it could be of value to you as well as others.

You can continue with your logic work, which you obviously 
regard as primarily important, at the same  time. Theology 
books tend to sell well.

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