1Z wrote:
> Georges Quénot wrote:
>> Your duplicate will have the same memories as you. This
>> is not the same thing. Once your duplicate experience
>> something different of what you do, his acquired (and
>> possibly his lost) memories will differ from yours. He
>> will still share most of your previous common memories
>> but he will not know your new ones and you will not
>> know his new ones. If he evenutally encoutered Harry
>> Potter and you do not, whatever memories you shared
>> before, you will not share these ones.
> But he could be writing this posting this message
> instead of me? Why isn't he ?  Because his HP universe
> is isolated from your universe ?

Something like that, yes.

> What keeps it isolated ?

This might just come from the mathematical properties
of these universes.

>> As I said above, in some sense, you are the same person
>> and in some sense you are a different person. I feel I
>> am the same person as I was 25 years ago and meanwhile
>> I also feel very different. Maybe you also experienced
>> something similar.
> If I am the same person as my previous selves, presumably
> I am the same person as my counterparts.

That can be discussed. This can be true "until I fork"
but no longer after that. When invoking "counterparts"
or "duplicates" one must specify whether this must be
understood over the full person lifespan or not.

> So Mathematical
> Monism *does* predict that I will witness HP universes

That too can be discussed. It is not so sure that there
exist a set of equations of which a HP universe would
be a solution, especially if this universe must also
include a counterpart of me.

> -- in a broad sense of "I".

This "I in a broad sense" does not make sense to me.
If "I" fork, there will be two new "I" that will each
have their common (old) memories and their different
(new) ones. There will not be a single "I" that will
have the new memories of both.

Even if we admit both statements above, I don't see any
problem with the idea that some of the forked "I" will
witness a HP universe.

Finally, I don't see what mathematical monism has to
do with that. The problem would be the same if one
had to explain why HP universes don't physically exist
(as being equally mathematically possible as ours).


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