Stephen writes

> >     In my previous post I tried to point out that *existence* is not a
> > first-order (or n-th order) predicate and thus does nothing to distinguish
> > one Form, Number, Algorithm, or what-have-you from another.
> [LC]
> I don't know about that; I do know that 34 and 3 are not the
> same thing, nor are they very similar. I wonder if you are
> joining those who might say that I cannot speak of 34 or 3
> without mentioning the process by which I know of them. (In
> my opinion, that puts the cart before the horse. A lot more
> people in history were more certain, and rightly so, that there
> was a moon than that they had brains.)
> [SPK]
>     Think of the meaning of what you just wrote if you where to remove all 
> references that implied in one form or another some kind of "act of 
> distinguishing".... I am merely trying to drill down to the source of our 

Okay. Stripped of observers, "34 does not equal 3".  Satisfied?

Actually, it seems to have improved the interest, as well as the
sensibleness of what I wrote  :-)


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