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> The Yes-Doctor scenario using Bruno-comp should really be
> a case of saying "yes" to the proposal:
> "I'm just going to shoot you. I'm
> not going to make the slightest effort to reconsitute you,
> teleport you, computerise you, or anything else.
> You already exist in Platonia, you always did, and you will continue 
> to"

Yes, but (importantly) only with your consent.

And the doctor will do that only with

1) a promise of (local and relative) reconstitution at some level,
2) an admission that he is just betting on that level
3) a promise of an annihilation less chancy than a bullet (I would 
prefer anasthesia followed by molecular desintegration).

With comp remember we are already in Platonia. A bullet in the brain? 
Hardly pleasant, even in Platonia.

Now, what you are saying could be said of any theory, model, religion 
... (whatever) which makes expect you (form of) immortality.

Indeed, you talk like a lawyer who explains how much his 'client' is 
good and scrupulous: "true, the guy I am defending is a serial killer. 
But note that he kills only innocent people (children) so as to send 
them directly in paradise. He does not take the risk of sending someone 
in hell (by killing some bad guy for example). Sending someone in 
paradise is good, no? Some says that God does it all the time, and God 
is good, no?". My opinion is that such a layer is  ... wrong.



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