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> Hi Stephen
> Stephen Paul King wrote:
>>    I would like to point out that you may have inadvertently veered into
>>the problem that I see in the "Yes Doctor" belief! It is entirely
> It is unverifiable from the 3rd person perspective. From the first
> person perspective it is perfectly verifiable. "I" will not observe any
> changes in "myself" after the (brain) substitution. This is a
> fundamental invariance and it is another argument why the first person
> perspective should be the primary one and the 3rd one should be the
> derived one. And here again specifying the frame of reference is
> important to avoid confusion.

    I agree completely! The trouble I have is that little discussion has 
been given to the implications of taking the 1st person aspect as primary or 
fundamental. Could you point me toward any that you have seen?



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