Bruno Marchal wrote:
> Le 18-juil.-06, à 12:30, 1Z a écrit :
> >> Quentin Anciaux: Because if you were in a "simulation" and you have
> >> managed to get out of it,
> >> how can you know you have reach the bottom level of reality (ie: the
> >> material
> >> world then) ? How can you know the new real world you are now in is
> >> the real
> >> world and not another simulation ?
> >
> > 1Z: e.g it has some non-computable physics.
> But comp and platonism already predict some non computable physics. You
> said it yourself by pointing correctly that platonism leads to the
> apparent possibility of HP universe (Harry Potter Universe, or flying
> pigs, or random noise, ...).

Platonism obviously implies non-computability,
since non-computable functions mathematically exist.

However, the claim was that we are in a computer simulation.

A computer simulation is obviously computable.

>The mystery with "naive comp" is that it
> remains something apparently computable in our neighborhood.
> And that  "mystery" cannot be used as a straightforward refutation of
> comp, once we look at the non trivialities of computer science and of
> consistent self-referential discourses.
> If we bet on comp, then we can already bet we already live in a
> simulation, the natural one which emerges from the "creative nature" of
> the relations between numbers.

The word "emerge" is often used to hide magic.

What actually exists cannot emerge from mere truths.

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