Le Vendredi 21 Juillet 2006 22:08, Brent Meeker a écrit :
> No, the hypothetical was stronger than that: it was that I knew exactly how
> your brain worked to the degree that I could make one.  

You could know everything on how my brain works without being ever able 
feeling being me... And I repeat if you could then you would be me by 
definition. Me is the only one able to feel being me... It is non-sense to 
claim otherwise, what ever you could know on the external working and 
behavior of myself.

> You certainly don't 
> know how your brain works, so while it is in princple communicable, it
> would not be part of your self description.
> >Even when I describe a feeling, I
> > describe it in a 3rd communication way, and you could infer from your own
> > feeling what it would be like, never to be sure it is... because if you
> > were sure of this, then you'll no longer be Brent Meeker, but me.
> I don't think that follows.  When I'm sure that my wife is in pain from
> torn cartilage in her knee, it doesn't mean that I am my wife.  

Sure, I wasn't talking about this... I was saying that you couldn't know how 
your wife feel the pain... You could have an intuition of it comparing your 
own feeling... but that's not enough... far from it.

> But in any 
> case, being sure is a higher standard than we apply to any scientific
> belief.

I agree.


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