Hi, Bruno,

Sorry for my na鴳e question.
Common people would think that UDA is just imagination since you use the 
example and teleportation of human beings is still a science fiction.
Nobody can show that the substitution level really exists and teleportation 
of human beings is really workable.
I really wonder if it's OK to use teleportation as thought experiment.



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Le 26-juil.-06, ?13:34, Russell Standish wrote :

> Yes, although you do have a different perception of theology to Rees,
> and indeed practically all other scientists I know of. I won't comment
> on theologians of course, I don't really know any all that well.
> Not to say your perception is wrong, but it will take a Herculean
> effort to get other to think along your lines.

All what I say is that IF we assume the Comp Hypothesis then there is 
no choice in the matter.
I have already done the Herculean effort under the UDA. I don't think 
there is problem with that. Even in this list, if you look carefully, 
critics always converge toward a critics of COMP, not of the reasoning. 
I would say in the average 50% of those who really doesn't like the 
idea of the reversal Physics/psycho-bio-theo-logy-number-theory will 
criticize the "yes" doctor or the Arithmetical realism (until they see 
what I mean by it). I have never met a critics of Church thesis, except 
the physicalist reinterpretation done by David Deutsch (which does not 

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