I think it's always good to have all different kinds of theories to explain 
our universe.
Whatever current theories are, our understanding could be always limited by 
our limitations
(as designed by the so-called Creator if any).
So I always think it's possible to produce a perfect universe by some way 
(although other theories say impossible).
Then all living beings can live in a paradise-like universe.
In this (infinite) universe with infinite resources, it makes sense that all 
living beings should be in paradise.
In one sentence, there should be free lunch for all.
All beings should be created perfect with everything needed forever.
Maybe the solution won't come from the so-called evolution and the slow 
science/technology development.
It could come from some magic (sorry if you think I am unscientific).
There should be some magic to make the universe perfect instantly.



>From: John M
>To All:
>I know my questions below are beyond our comprehension, but we read (and 
>write) so much about this idea that I feel compelled to ask:
>  is there any idea why there would be 'comp'? our computers require juice 
>to work and if unplugged they represent a very expensive paperweight.
>What kind of "computing unit" (universe? multiverse, or some other satanic 
>'verse') would run by itself without being supplied by something that moves 
>it? I hate to ask about its program as well, whether it is an "intelligent 
>Is it a pseudnym for some godlike mystery?
>Are we reinventing the religion?

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