Hi, I've checked and I do not see an absolute meaning to perfection.

Le Samedi 5 Août 2006 13:12, W. C. a écrit :
> Good question. But I don't think we need to define "perfect".
> You can check the dictionary to know its meaning.
> Your killing example won't exist in the PU. Otherwise it won't be PU.

It won't be in *your view* of *your* PU... That shows that PU notion has no 
meaning... or I should say the meaning is tied to the person who think of it.


> >From: everything-list@googlegroups.com The problem with perfection is that
> >this word has *no* absolute meaning.
> >
> >Then depending on your culture/history it can have a different meaning.
> >
> >Stupid example: Imagine you are a serial killer... perfect world for you
> >would be a world were you can kill at will ;) But you would say that a
> >serial killer cannot be in a perfect world (I'd say he cannot be in your
> >perfect world, not his).
> >
> >So unless there exists an absolute meaning of perfection, PU seems
> >impossible or I should say meaningless.
> >
> >Quentin
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