>From: Stathis Papaioannou
>Classical teleportation cannot copy something exact to the quantum level, 
>but rather involves making a "close enough" copy. It is obvious, I think, 
>that this is theoretically possible, but it is not immediately obvious how 
>good the copy of a person would have to be (what Bruno calls the 
>"substitution level") in order to feel himself to be the "same" person. But 
>as mentioned above, I don't think we need to insist on perfect duplication 
>to the quantum level, because this doesn't even happen from moment to 
>moment in everyday life.

Thanks for the info. although I still don't think substitution level exists.
If teleportation of human beings is real (I hope I can see it in my life),
I think all biggest questions (such as consciousness, soul? Creator? the 
origin of the universe, meaning of life ... etc.)
of this universe should have been solved.



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