Bruno Marchal wrote:
> Of course I have a problem with the word "universe" and especially with
> the expression "being inside a universe". The reason is that I think
> comp forces us to accept we are supported by an infinity of
> computations and that the 1-(plural and singular) appearance of the
> universe emerges from that. cf UDA.
> Bruno

I haven't been following this thread, but this caught my attention.
Bruno, how can you have a real "problem" with something based on the
fact that it seems to contradict the comp assumption?  I thought that
you make a point to stress that you only assume comp for purposes of
argument to see where it leads.  Are you implying that you personally
have faith in comp to the point that words that don't agree with the
comp assumption actually give you a "problem"?  Or is the problem
caused by a personal belief that is outside of the comp assumption, but
that is manifested when talking about comp, if you follow me?


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