David Nyman:
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> Subject: Re: Are First Person prime?
> George Levy wrote:
> > Colin Hales remarks seem to agree with what I say. However, I do not
> > deny the existence of a third person perspective. I only say that it is
> > secondary and an illusion brought about by having several observers
> > share the same frame of reference. This frame of reference consists of
> > identical contingencies on their existence.
> I'm glad you find agreement here.  I don't think any of us deny the
> existence of a third person perspective.  All three of us, I think,
> agree that it is secondary, but where your 'third person' comes into
> being through the sharing of a frame of reference, I'm applying the
> term to the totality of 'frames of reference', whether shared or not.
> Your 'shared frame of reference' would seem to be achieved through my
> 'shareable knowledge base', but for me a frame of reference is always
> third person from one perspective or many. So I'm saying that third
> person is an illusion brought about simply in virtue of having a 'frame
> of reference' at all - the illusion inherent in representing the world.
> I'm not quite sure what to do about this inconsistency of terminology.
> Perhaps the 'shared illusion' could be 'objectivity'?

Perhaps the 3rd person is best called 'virtual'. It's role is one for
'as-if' it existed.

Colin Hales

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