> Stathis:
> would you condone to include in your (appreciated) post below the words at
> the * I plant into your text?
> The words: "in the (scientific?) belief system we have TODAY about our
> interpretation of whatever epistemically we so far learned about the
> 'world'."
> That would underline your subsequent sentence - if you kindly stop
> denigrating the term 'metaphysics' - a pejoration of the same 'carried away'
> physicists.
> The word 'prediction' also sends the chill alongside my spine: how can a
> model based on a model predict events subject to impact from 'beyond model'
> changes?

If you know the domain of your model there won't be any impact from beyond.  Of 
course the domain is uncertain at the edges - but just because there is grey 
mean there is no black and white.

> The many results of science-technology should not lead us into a generalized
> acceptance of the model-based thinking. 

Should we then resort mystical thinking or armchair philosophizing or 

>This list is a good example.

Can you do some other kind of thinking?

Brent Meeker

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