Bruno Marchal wrote:

> With those remarks what you say makes sense for me,
> Bruno

Oh hurrah, then there is finally light at the end of the philosophic
tunnel for me :D  Trying to learn this stuff is just a matter of
becoming a baby again... the baby just has to keep painfullly throwing
himself at the stuff and after enough ga-ga-goo-goo sounds the baby
finally starts to speak a few words that make sense.

In other words:  I need to study, study, study ;)

Let me just test out what I think is the key point.  It's this.  Three
ontologic levels:

(1)  Abstract entities of universal applicability (eg Math/number)
(2)  Abstract entities of limited applicability   (eg Alphabet, Chair
(3)  Concrete instances (eg specific Chair)

Only (1) is real.  (2) and (3) are cognitive interpretations or
constructs.  True yes?

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