> [Scene: Night-time. Fathers Ted and Dougal are in bed.
> Ted: "Dougal, that's a great idea! Can you tell me more?"
> Dougal: "Whoa, Ted - I want out! I can't take the pressure."]
> ......However, purely on the understanding that I'm a mere COMP
> kibbitzer, and of course -
>> This is to be FUN.
>> Not work.
> - let us by all means throw caution to the wind.

Absolutely. Fun and progress - as long as the 'wind' doesn't involve
farting in bed! :P

It's forcing me to crystallise ideas and communicate them. I am an EXTREME
massively parallel visual thinker...I literally 'see it'... in particular
maxwell's equations (and qm, but 'squinty')  I am less able at serial
manipulation of symbols, tho... but good once I 'see' what they do...-
however... turning visuals into into an email... phew! This is good

Remember I want to keep my 'eye on the ball' - the goal is to really get
to grips with COMP and its relationship with reality/EC in a way so
practical I know I can literally build it. That's my criterion: If I can't
build it I don't really understand it. I'm an engineer first, scientist

Next proper installment/proposal under construction... watch this space.


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