Le Mardi 24 Octobre 2006 18:29, 1Z a écrit :
> I've never seen an HP universe. Yet they *must* exist in a mathematical
> reality, because there are no random gaps in Platonia. Since all
> mathematical
> structures are exemplified, the structure corresponging to (me up till
> 1 second ago)
> + (purple dragons) must exist. If there is nothing
> mathematical to keep out of HP universe, the fact that I have never
> seen one is
> evidence against a mathematical multiverse.

I'd say it is evidence that you're not currently in an HP universe. 
Considering HP universes have low measure (even in mathematical only MWI as 
COMP), not being in one is not surprising. And if you were in one or noticed 
weird events you wouldn't writing this... Absence of proof is not proof of 

Quentin Anciaux

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