Quentin Anciaux wrote:
> Hi,
> Le Mardi 24 Octobre 2006 18:29, 1Z a écrit :
> >
> > I've never seen an HP universe. Yet they *must* exist in a mathematical
> > reality, because there are no random gaps in Platonia. Since all
> > mathematical
> > structures are exemplified, the structure corresponging to (me up till
> > 1 second ago)
> > + (purple dragons) must exist. If there is nothing
> > mathematical to keep out of HP universe, the fact that I have never
> > seen one is
> > evidence against a mathematical multiverse.
> I'd say it is evidence that you're not currently in an HP universe.
> Considering HP universes have low measure (even in mathematical only MWI as
> COMP), not being in one is not surprising.

What measure they have depends on the flavour of MW. In a purely
mathematical MW, each configuration of matter is exemplified once.

(Barbour's theory is close to this, but he also has "mists", quantum
probability measures, which are not apriori necessary).

> And if you were in one or noticed
> weird events you wouldn't writing this... Absence of proof is not proof of
> absence.

So there *are* unicorns?

> Quentin Anciaux

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