1Z wrote:
> Brent Meeker wrote:
>> 1Z wrote:
>>> David Nyman wrote:
>>>> 1Z wrote:
>> ...
>>>>> We *do* have simultaneous consciousness -- just not
>>>>> the same consciousness.
>>>> Which is precisely my point. Just as you *do* have simultaneous
>>>> consciousness of all OMs in which you are present  - just not the same
>>>> consciousness.
>>> But the difference of your and my consiousness
>>> is explained by the difference in content. My consciousness
>>> five minutes from now cannot fail to be 99% the same as my
>>> consciousness
>>> now, information-wise.
>> My consciousness can change completely in a fraction of a second.
> Not to the extent that you forget you are you.

I does to the extent that I'm not thinking about who I am.  In fact I don't 
consciously think about who I am very often.  You're confusing what I *could* 
remember with what I am actually conscious of.

Brent Meeker

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