Bruno Marchal wrote:
> Le 29-oct.-06, à 17:43, David Nyman a écrit :
> > Peter, when you said that the physical might be 'relations all the way
> > down', and I asked you what would you find if you went 'all the way
> > down', you replied 'primary matter'. IOW, you posit primary matter as a
> > 'bare substrate' to which are attached whatever properties theory or
> > experiment may suggest. Consequently, isn't it the case that you are
> > defining this 'bare substrate' (which by posit has no properties of its
> > own) as whatever-it-is that is RITSIAR (i.e. you might say that it's
> > what exists)? Bruno, aren't you making essentially the same claim for
> > AUDA, in attempting to derive all properties from it?
> P. Jones posit a primary matter having no properties, and he does not
> explain how things with properties can emerge from that.

I don't explain *rationalistically* -- that is I do not show how
properties are entailed by inevitable logic from the posit of
matter -- because I am not in the business of rationalism.

That matter has the properties it has is an contingent
fact which is known empirically.

(Of course everyone is a contingentists to some extent,
since no-one can show that the non-existence of matter
of contingency is itself necessary).

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