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> Well, I think numbers don't exist AT ALL....

I have not the slightest idea what you mean by that. Your longer 
"metaphysics" post begs many of the questions addressed in this list.
Personally: I have no theory, just an argument showing that if we take 
the "yes doctor" seriously enough then there is no primitive physical 
objects AT ALL(**), and then I show how to recover constructively the 
stable appearances of physical objects, and this in a precise 
empirically verifiable way(*).
(And to be sure, I have always expected to get a refutation, but 
instead the theory has been confirmed until now. Of course QM, loop 
gravity and string theories are still in advance for the physical stuff 
but (a)comp is in advance for the explanation of the quanta-qualia 
relations, (and more generally the relation between all point of views 
(n-persons, hypostases) I would say).


(*) This makes me an empirist, but I do not subscribe to "math is 
physics" form of empiry. It belongs more on the type "physics" is 
mathematics as seen from some internal observer-universal machine.
(**) More precisely: such a notion of primitive physical objects can no 
more be invoked for justifying the appearances of physical laws.
BTW (a minor detail) rational numbers are also dense, but are 
constructive objects. Cf your long post.


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