On Wed, 2006-11-08 at 09:39 -0800, Brent Meeker wrote:

> > Good old-fashioned miracles are not lawlike, which is what makes them
> > subject to empirical verification. If God is a Protestant, then an
> > examination of a list of lottery ticket winners or people with
> > serious illnesses should show that Protestants are statistically more
> > likely to have their prayers answered than Catholics, Muslims or
> > atheists (who wish for things, even if they don't actually pray). If
> > not, then either God is not a Protestant or there is no point in
> > praying for anything even if you and he are both Protestants. And yet
> > I doubt that there are any Protestants, Catholics or Muslims who be
> > at all perturbed by the findings of such a study, or countless other
> > possible studies or experiments. 
> That's because for hundreds, if not thousands, of years their theologians 
> have had to explain why their God is invisible, unnoticable, 
> incompehensible, and undetectable.  So a null experimental outcome, 
> like the recent studies of the efficacy of healing prayer, is ho-hum.

For a rather lengthy, straight-faced treatment of intercessory prayer
and victims of amputation:



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