Peter Jones writes:

> Another staunch opponent is Edelmann.
> 'The notion that the brain is a kind of computer is an error of such
> magnitude, Mr. Edelman believes,
> that cognitive science is on the brink of a crisis. "I claim," he
> writes, "that the entire structure on which
> the cognitivist enterprise is based is incoherent and not borne out by
> the facts.'

Edelmann's dispute does not seem to be with computationalism per se, but 
with the particular models which many cognitive scientists use in an attempt 
to emulate brain function. For example, he argues that "neural networks" as 
used in computer science are not really much like biological neural networks 
therefore will not be able to yield brain-like results. But this does not mean 
no computer model model would be able to emulate the behaviour of biological 
neural networks, even if such a model would be very difficult to implement. 

Stathis Papaioannou
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