Johnathan Corgan writes:

> > That's because for hundreds, if not thousands, of years their theologians 
> > have had to explain why their God is invisible, unnoticable, 
> > incompehensible, and undetectable.  So a null experimental outcome, 
> > like the recent studies of the efficacy of healing prayer, is ho-hum.
> For a rather lengthy, straight-faced treatment of intercessory prayer
> and victims of amputation:

Great article! I initially thought that it was written by some poor, honest 
genuinely struggling with the logical consequences of his beliefs. But then 
such a 
person would quickly either fall back on blind faith or reject his beliefs as 
false, so 
there can't be many around. 

On the other hand, I once spoke to someone who claimed he saw God miraculously 
fill a cavity in a tooth with amalgam while the faithful were invited to 
observe with 
little flashlights, so I guess someone will say that God *does* heal amputees.

Stathis Papaioannou

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