Le 22-nov.-06, à 20:01, 1Z a écrit :

> I think I am guilty of introducing the term
> "0 personal" in a conversation with David Nyman.

I remember you quoting that expression but I did introduce the term in 
the thread "roadmap short"
the 15 augustus 2006
and even before: 

(got the idea from Plotinus who wrote an entire treatise on it where he 
criticizes Aristotle on the personhood of the big one.)

Now I talk on this on the list in 2001 where I attribute a (non 
equivalent) 0-person notion to late James Higgo:
There, somehow, all notion of person's view are illusory so that only 
the zero-person would be real. (I don't believe this in the sense that 
those illusion are as real as we are ...).

> His point was that you can't have a 3rd-personal view without persons.
> I don't think that is necessarily an important distinction.
> The 0 personal view could coincide with the 3rd personal view.
> Just because you are a person, doesn't mean your personhood
> infects everything you see and do.

Except that incompleteness makes (with comp) any third person view 
limited and perspectival in a non trivial way. The zero-person reality 
(here arithmetical truth for example) transcends all person views. It 
is really the notion of truth, and it is not definable by any machine 
by Tarski theorem.



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