As I stuff my head with the bird menagerie, and try to see if I need to
breed a new bird, I find that EC is best thought of as a form of
combinatorics (as you thought, Bruno!).

Is there anyone out there who has any intuitions as to which bird(s) would
correspond to 'coherence' or 'symmetry breaking'? I find that I must have
some sort of 'adjacency' or 'proximity' applicator. Perhaps, with the bird
metaphor, I need birds that have selective hearing and hear better those
birds that are closer, where 'closer' means 'I can hear you'.

Also... is there a 'Nothing' or a 'Vanishing' bird? If a 'normal form'
completely dissappears to 'Nothing', then its normal form is 'Nothing'.
Trying to axiomatise 'Nothing' seems a tad tricky, but I'm getting an idea
of what it might be. Kestrelling to a Konstant 'nothing' seems useful but
I'm not sure how to formalise it or whether that is the right way to think
of it. The confusing difference is between 'doing nothing' and 'being

I can't believe what I just wrote, but they are serious questions from a
newbie combinatoricist. Patience is required.



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