I'll take that as a 'no'.

Meanwhile I have gone far enough that I think I want to take it elsewhere
and publish something. I'll find a local logician and infect them with
EC/lambda calc. It's oing to look basically the same:


There is no end product computation. The act of B-reduction itself is
reality. The hard part as I see it is the massive parallelism and embedded
the B-reduction in the symbols. EC always ends up reduced back to its
origins (which ca ne regarded as 'doing nothing', as opposed to being
nothing. EC, as a 'work in progress' at any moment there is, via the
original axioms, a casual chain from any () to any other () that is not
actually part of any direct B-reduction. This is, in effect virtual matter
in the form of virtual computation. It is this virtual computation that
forms the potential for the basis of the '1st person' construct.

Funny how these things work out. I know it sounds a little obtuse, but I'm
going to leave it there for now. If anyone wants a nice 'programmers
intro' to Lambda Calc: Michaelson G. 1989. An introduction to functional
programming through Lambda calculus.

Nice bird intro here:

This is not where the original thread started, but I suspect father Ted
will forgive me if I halt here for the moment. The game is still afoot,
just taking a new more interesting form. I remain keen to do a COMP EC
contrast ASAP. Stay tuned to ignore the next episode!

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