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> Essentially that is the Occam razor theorem. Simpler universes have
> higher probability.

In the ASSA(*) realm I can give sense to this. I think Hal Finney and 
Wei Dai have defended something like this. But in the comp RSSA(**) 
realm, strictly speaking even the notion of "one" universe (even 
considered among other universes or in a multiverse à-la Deutsch) does 
not make sense unless the comp substitution level is *very* low. Stable 
appearances of local worlds emerge from *all* computations making all 
apparent (and thus sufficiently complex) world not "turing emulable". 
Recall that "I am a machine" entails "the apparent universe cannot be a 
machine" (= cannot be turing-emulable  (cf UDA(***)).


For the new people I recall the acronym:
(*) ASSA = absolute self-sampling assumption
(**) RSSA = relative self-sampling assumption
The SSA idea is in the ASSA realm comes from Nick Bostrom, if I 
remember correctly.
(***) UDA: see for example 


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