Quentin Anciaux wrote:
> Hi,
> Le Vendredi 19 Janvier 2007 12:20, William a écrit :
> > I have been reading up on this subject a little bit and about the
> > quantum immortality, I believe it is a common misconception that this
> > means you will never die; if all future branches involve your death,
> > then you will die ... Quantum immortality does not imply that you can
> > dodge every bullet and that the "you of today" will still live
> > tomorrow, although the "you of yesterday" could still live tomorrow
> > whilst the "you of today" does not.
> It would be the case if the multiverse contains "cul-de-sac" places... If you
> take the approach that every moments have a successor moment, then quantum
> immortality predict you'll never loose conscioussness.

Could you explain it a bit more to me because I am still in
disagreement with this, even when assuming RSSA ... Once every future
branch involves your death; you will loose conscioussness, IMO. If you
do not eat for 100 or 1000 years, you can still continue living
according to you ?

> > Also I personally do not believe ASSA favours a MWI interpretation of
> > quantum mechanics over a deterministic one because a "single MWI
> > universe" will be less probable than a "single deterministic universe".
> > But it might favour MWI over Copenhagen interpretation.
> I personnaly believe ASSA is broken... because for one thing it cannot explain
> stream of consciousness, arrow of time and so on... RSSA can.
> With RSSA you don't assume that "you" is sampled from all moments, but only
> sampled from moments consistent where the current "you" is in.

Do you believe that one can convince oneself that MWI is true, by doing
a quantum suicide ?

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