"Blackholes imply 'C' is violated/invalidated."

Notion:  If the Speed of Light is not just a 
fixed constant but a fixed maxima, then, if Newton's 
3 Laws of Inertia are to be maintained, especially
regarding 'equal & opposite' ...

the current depiction of blackholes being able to
constrain photons 100% infers that any random photon
moving directly outward from the center-locus of a
singularity can only be kept from forward linear motion 
by a force not just equal to, but necessarily greater 
than, its vector moment - presumed to be "C".

If only just '-C', then Probability would require
blackholes be never 'black', but accumulatively
brilliant white - unless - 'C' is out-maximummed.

Or, the model has an error - and the dynamics of
light restriction/containment are of a wholly 
different nature than currently presumed.


Jamie Rose
Ceptual Institute

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