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>  Mark Peaty skrev: And next: what do you mean by 'exist'?
>  Our Universe is a mathemathical possibility.  That is why our 
> Universe exists.  Every mathematically possible Universe exists in the 
> same way.  But we can not get in touch with any of the other 
> Universes, so from our point of view does the other Universes not 
> exist.

If comp is true, the "physical" universe is not a mathematical 
possibility. It is something much more deeply related to mathematics. 
With the comp hyp "physical universes" emerge necessarily from the 
interference of all mathematical possibilities, and the physical laws 
are the invariant of such possibilities for their internal local 

This entails we *are* in touch with the other universes, and they do 
exist from our point of view. It is just an open problem if QM really 
confirms this easily (cf UDA+movie-graph) derivable, from comp, fact.

This is what I try to explain in this list since the beginning (and 
elsewhere before). Tegmark and Schmidhuber have missed this fundamental 
point. Schmidhuber missed it by his refusal to distinguish between 1 
and 3 person points of view, and Tegmark missed it by not postulating 
the comp hyp (making a little bit "physics" just a geography.



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