>  From: 1Z
> Brunoism relies on Platonism as well as computationalism.
> Computationalism can be as true as tue can be, but so long as
> Platonism is false, so long as a computer needs a physical instantion,
> Brunoism does not follow.  Brunoism doesn't follow from physicalism,
> it is in oppostion to it.

Could you explain what is "physical instantion" ? What means "physical" ? 
Brunoism (as you called it in pejorative way) only requires as Brent said 
realized infinities... that's the only way to the UD to generate all 
programs... if there exists a "thing", a way to show that even "if" an 
algorithm could be "run" for an "infinity of time" (with unbounded memory 
space), something will prevent it to do so, then intuisonism will be shown as 
true and I'll have to abandon this belief.


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